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Self Esteem

  • You have discovered your own beauty
  • You can feel and enjoy feeling
  • Your thoughts no longer dominate
  • Forgiving is no longer a problem
  • You don't have to know everything
  • You can find freedom in responsibility
  • You see beauty
  • Feel joy
  • Life is meaningful and mysterious
  • Know a solid sense of self
  • Learn to truly forgive

Welcome to My Site

Pauline Pringle - Thomas

Do you need to deal with difficult emotions behaviors or thoughts which cause problems for you in your life?

Psychotherapy and counselling can provide a secure professional relationship to assist working through conflicts to help pace, reflect and understand ourselves.
Within the relationship there emerges a process of self discovery.

Psychotherapy is about you, your past and present, conscious and unconscious behaviors thoughts and emotions and how they inter-relate.

I am a qualified counsellor and registered psychotherapist and have been practising in Wellington for over twenty years, in both the public health sector and my own consultancy. I am registered with ACC.

Most of my clients are referred by general practitioners or 'word-of-mouth', by people I've treated.

You can contact me by phone 04 472 6464 e-mail paulinepringle@xtra.co.nz or through this website.